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Are the writers promoting trolls for the lulz?

I've always wondered why burner trolls (and, as Joel has pointed out in his note about the porn gifs, lots of the trolls are not burners but just accounts set up via fake twitter accounts) were un-greyed so often on the main page. It's a constant thing, the ugliest, most racist comments are almost always promoted, even if there are 800 grey comments being totally ignored. I would chalk it up to approved commenters responding to the trolls, or bad characters approving the troll comments (maybe even making them under a separate account), but this exchange below suggests another explanation, and I wonder how many people think this is either possible or even likely: that some writers themselves approve ugly comments to stir up more discussion and views. And do some writers tend to have a lot more un-greyed troll comments than others? I certainly don't think you see a lot of approved ugly comments on a Caity Weaver post, for example. But other writers either attract them, or they approve them more frequently. It's certainly possible the writers are blameless in this, but after seeing this happen over and over and over and over, I'm actually starting to wonder if that's not a logical and accurate explanation. I would think that's a fireable offense, if a writer was found to be doing this, but maybe not. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?


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