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Are These Pants Problematic?

I don't think I'm suffering from some multiculti delirium by wondering this. Neither am I being facetious, although as a woman who shops at army surplus stores for clothes to wear in everyday life I do recognize that this is not a problem that comes up often for most people and may sound bizarre.


(They're the ones the "People's Police" has on in the upper right corner)

I'd rather avoid situations where someone notices that I'm wearing a pair of pants that look a lot like the one's the men who came take his father away to be interrogated and beaten wearing that fateful night 30 years ago. On the other hand, I really like these pants.

Knowing my taste, a lot of you won't agree with me on this. As you can see, I'm not going for a full-on militaristic look, but neither am I wearing them as an ironic statement. They are not the exact same kind of pants the Czechoslovakian polivc used, but still I'd imagine there are little similarities that might help people who lived under Communist rule tell the difference between these and some unfortunate ostalgia-chic collection fro H&M or such.


I'm not going to pack them with me when I move to Prague if it might give people there the impression I'm some kind of shallow and ignorant foreigner. They can find that out later if they get to know me.

This is also a public service announcement for hipsters on a budget looking to pop some tags in a post-Maclemore world. Also Miley Cyrus might wanna check out her local military surplus store; no one can notice if can't really twerk when you're wearing these pants.


This bag cost me 30€ and it holds mores stuff and feels better as backpack than anything I've come across at camping equipment stores. Of course it was used and mine had some sand left in it. I got two of the white v-necked undershirts you can see in this picture for 3€, they're from the British army, made in 1953 or something.


I like clothe with stories, but I don't want the stories to be too grim, especially if they are about other people. Am I I jerk if I wonder around Prague, talking on my cellphone with an Americanish-accent for reasons that involve these pants I might be wearing? What are your experiences coming across touchy subjects in foreign cultures in situations where you wouldn't have expected it?

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