Music has been a big part of my life. I played in the concert and marching bands in high school. I also played in a number of bands with my friends in high school and college. I just really enjoy playing with people and creating something new. However, like all people I reach a block and get uninspired. I'll find myself not even looking at my guitar for weeks because I just have nothing in me to get out. But then, something will just hit me and suddenly the dam bursts and I approach old ideas in a new way.

Right now the person who unstuck my block was Reggie Watts. So funny and a musical genius. The way he approaches his songs and engages the audience is just so...GAHHHH IT'S SO GREAT! Here's one of my favorite Reggie moments when he covered "Panama" by Van Halen for the AV Club:

Who or what helps out get out of a creative rut?