I've been recently looking at Artsy.net, which is pretty well-known—though new to me. It is an aggregator of art on the web and then it also tries to help filter your likes and dislikes (which is fun. I like to talk about what I like). It has an educational component to help people better understand movements and connections between artists and styles.

So I've been looking through there and it made me think of people I like. You know, Yayoi Kusama has always been a favorite of mine—she's quite a character I think too but visually interesting and probably pretty radical. This is a self portrait of hers. She's obsessed with dots btw. She is also kind of a Japanese Andy Warhol, if Andy Warhol was actually much more subversive:

Or I really like Henry Wessel:


David Bates:


I always liked Man Ray. I know that is kind of olde but he's always been a favorite. Art Nouveau and that turn of the century stuff. I studied a lot of that in college, which is much of the reason. I spent a bunch of time in Poland and I remember that I liked this guy Witkacy because when he was sober, he'd paint these very pretty landscapes but when he was drunk or on drugs, you'd get this shit:


Or this:


The other website I really like a lot is Illustration, which has a ton of contemporary, commercial illustrators, many of them displaying their portfolios for online consumption and to drum up business. It's a great fun place to look at people working in that world, if that's your cup of tea.


I don't know what you guys like but generally I'm a fan of a wide range and am always interested when people show new things.