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Ask A Person With Aspergers- with guest LyraYlliel!

Good morning, everyone! Last night, I got into a wonderful conversation with KABarrick, a name many of you will recognize, and a lovely new friend who goes by the name LyraYlliel.

During the course of this chat, LyraYlliel very generously agreed to participate in one of our Q&A sessions about Aspergers. LyraYlliel in fact has Aspergers, and is willing to come here today and answer any questions we all might have about it, so that we can both understand the condition with more clarity, as well as gain a glimpse into the perspective of someone who sees the world very differently from most of us.


I will be in and out whenever possible today to check in here and I will stress that this is something LyraYlliel is doing purely so that we will gain a stronger grasp of this oft-misunderstood condition.

I ask that everyone be respectful, and please bear in mind that any overly sarcastic comments or tongue-in-cheek humor may not be appropriate here. Please be respectful, and remember that our new friend is taking time out of their very busy schedule to grant us all this wonderful insight. I am so very excited about this opportunity, because Aspergers is a spectre of the media any time there's a notorious event involving someone who may or may not have it. All too often, it is misunderstood, and those who live with it daily have been at times terribly maligned, misrepresented, and simply misunderstood. I hope we as a community can really take this chance to learn more about what it'slike to live ith Aspergers.

Without further preamble, please post your questions in the comments below, and LyraYlliel will respond to each one as they feel comfortable or as time allows.

Let the Q&A begin!

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