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Equality. Yeah. That’s right. Now, I know I shouldn’t go on Right Wing Watch but sometimes I cannot help myself. Two crazy republican ladies think that feminists should be against same-sex marriage because then we would have equality in marriage. Because you see, then there would be an even amount of ladies and gentleman in the marriage! Try to wrap your brain around that one, I dare ya.

Says Tamara Scott:

“By 2020, they want 50/50 in the state houses and the U.S. House and Senate. They want 50 percent women and 50 percent men, they want 50/50, they want equality,” she said. “So my laugh is, why wouldn’t you want equality in a marriage? Why aren’t those same women wanting that same argument at home? Because we know children do better when they’re raised by their biological parents.”


Now, I think that is a pretty great argument, don’t you? I mean, not as good as gay marriage causing 900,000 abortions. But pretty good. Good times.

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