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Awkward Friend Request

I have come to regard Facebook as a necessary evil in life, but the one thing I don't understand for the life of me is why people send friend requests to people who they aren't really friends with.

And sometimes it's worse than that...

So I just got a friend request from a guy we'll call Bill Black. Bill is a fellow lawyer who I met eons ago through various lawyer functions. We were acquaintances at best, definitely had drinks together but never alone or in any context other than a professional one. Until one day when, being youngish and having friends and colleagues in common, I invited him to my birthday party. He was unable to make it so he offered to take me to dinner in our neighborhood instead.


Long story short, he thought the dinner was a date and tried to put the moves on me. I had genuinely never considered him a romantic possibility. I told him this. He was persistent. I told him he had two choices: he could sleep with me that night (seeing as he was reasonably attractive and I was bored) but it would only be a one-night stand OR he could calm the fuck down, get to know me and see if there was something more meaningful there.

Guess which one he chose?

Our interactions ended several weeks later with him storming out of my car in the middle of Canal Street because I didn't want to hold his hand romantically while I tried to drive my car (down Canal Street...in traffic...on a weeknight). That was about 5 years ago.


I can ignore that right?


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