So do I have this right? Some gynecologists have learned to apply their expertise in detecting and treating cervical cancer to doing the same for the growing number of men with or at risk of anal cancer. But now, just as a major study on the procedure is being prepared, the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology is threatening to yank the board certification of docs who use the treatment on men.

This is life or death stuff. About 7,000 new cases of anal cancer, and 880 deaths, are expected in the United States this year; the incidence has been increasing by 2.2 percent a year for the past 10 years, especially among men and women with H.I.V., The New York Times reports. Switching doctors is complicated by the limited number who have the expertise and because the procedure โ€” an anoscopy โ€” can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for patients, so it takes time for a doctor to gain their trust. But for the gynecologists like Boston's Dr. Elizabeth Stier (pictured), there's not a lot of choice: no board certification, no practice.

I understand when the board's director says the group had always seen treating women as its mission, but is cracking down now because the specialty's image was being tarnished by members straying into moneymaking sidelines, like testosterone therapy for men, and liposuction and other cosmetic procedures for women and men.

But this absolutist approach is BS, Sadly, someone has their head up their ass, and it's the patients who will suffer.

ETA: I see Gabrielle has just posted on the same topic on the Gawker main. So now you can read about it twice.