"Who is this Hazel Cills?" I hypothetically asked myself while wondering how to start this post. I couldn't recall reading any of her pieces before and her headlines tonight were notably flat, her perspectives underwhelming.

It turns out going through her history she has written a few pieces over the recent past: some this week, a break in February and March, and a swell back in January. But the most intriguing treat of tracking through her GM log was this little morsel of a comment she gave on Jezebel RE: The call for Lena Dunham's unretouched Vogue picture shoot:

"'There's a 99% chance that the [Lena Dunham] originals are [beautiful] too' Seriously Jezebel? Fuck you. You all need to get together and have a meeting where you re-evaluate your "feminist" principles. Every time I come to this site it's mean-girl central." (End quote.)

I find it intriguing that given the amount of tension I see between Jez and commenters, someone could be so vocal against them and still get hired to write for one of the properties. Anyone else think that? A very brief Googling of her shows she has written at other non-GM sites too, so I'm sure she has the chops, but still, uncharacteristically forgiving on Gawker's part.

The comment did land her 101 recommendations...so...to answer myself: page views.