Who's next? First Cleveland's Ariel Castro saves his daughter the trauma of ever getting to know him. Now John Esposito, who took 10-year-old Katie Beers of Long Island prisoner in 1992 and held her for 17 days in a dungeon has been found dead in his cell at Sing Sing.

Esposito, 64, found dead Wednesday, had just made an appearance before the parole board. Cause of death has not been determined, but officials say nothing appears suspicious (beyond, y'know, the dead body).

Beers, who after 20 years went public with her story earlier this year, is now 30, married and a mother of two. She said this on her Facebook page: "I have to say that I'm not saddened by John's passing โ€” I'm saddened for his remaining family โ€” they lost John a long time ago, but now they've lost him forever" and tweeted, "Less than 24 hours apart, the world lost 2 monsters โ€” Ariel Castro & John Esposito. #CourageAlways"

Courage Always