When it comes to Banksy, everybody's a critic β€” even the NYPD.

Cops arrested two men last week who were seen liberating the final piece in Banksy's New York Octoberfest from its perch on a building in Long Island City, the NYT reports. The inflatable letters spelling out BANKSY!, which at least one gallery owner values at more than $200K, are considered "arrest evidence." They have been officially described by the NYPD not as art, but as "balloon."

β€œI don’t have it as art on the invoice,” Deputy Chief Jack Trabitz, the commanding officer of the property clerk division, tells the Times. β€œWe have it as a balloon.” As such the letters have been deflated for easier storage. If unclaimed β€” and establishing provenance and ownership could be murky β€” they may eventually be auctioned off. Or discarded.
For now, Chief Trabitz does not anticipate a big payday for the Banksy work, because it had been inventoried as something essentially valueless, the Times says. And once that happens . . .
β€œThe item description is never changed,” he said. β€œYou can’t redescribe it. It’s a balloon.”