A majority have spoken and the incumbent banner (Post) must face a slate of primary challengers. The embedded ballot will be open until noon (Eastern) on the 5th. You will only be able to vote once from your IP and/or browser, so you may want to consider your opinion.

Clicking each small banner will open it full-sized in a new tab or window. The winner will primarily be displayed 300px wide which is the default width for comments, so it might be helpful for those campaigning to insert a copy in the comments and I suggest that any subsequent campaign posts have a link back to here, the ballot.

The top two vote-getters in this round will be matched in a run-off, which will also be open a minimum of 72 hours. In the event of a tie for second, all tying entries will advance to the run-off and if one primary candidate receives more votes than all other challengers combined, a run-off will be deemed unnecessary and they will automatically win.

One does not have to be a registered Crosstalk author to vote, but bringing in ringers to artificially inflate a candidate will be frowned upon and could result in disqualification.

(IOW: No help from Adrian Chen's side of the web)

This is all in good fun. Banners appear on the ballot in random and changing order.


May the best banner win!

This post will occasionally be bumped or pointers posted while polls are open.
(originally posted: 6:00 AM on 2/2/14)