After a shaky start, the normally solitary felines were about to organize and topple the incumbent Post. The pie chart looks a little misleading because Cat on Post was penalized five votes for ballot-stuffing, but their 43-31-18 victory was unquestionable and clear.

Even if you were to discount the largest number of votes which could have occurred during the incident, a number that I dispute because I believe it too large, we know where the votes were hours before the incident and we know how many votes have come in after voting resumed, so even if we were to set aside all fourteen, Cat on Post still wins.

Of course there were also a few write-in candidates and they were as follows;


Keeping with our community bylaws, a banner recall vote can not be called before March 9th (one month) and because the five vote penalty is also being deducted from the final vote tally of 102, a recall petition would need at least nine co-signers.

Again, this was all in good fun and I hope everyone had their share.

Congratulations to Team Cat and to @EasttoMidwest for conceptualizing and nominating, along with @WhiskeyInTheShade for producing the winning design!