In just our second banner election, we have a three-way race for the final spot. Unless there's a tie, the winner of this contest between Incumbent Post, Cat on Post and Flipping Cat will become the Crosstalk banner. There is no shame in second, third or even first. All would be fine representatives of our community.

The ballot will be open until noon (Eastern) on Sunday, the 9th. Because the primary produced a three-way race for this run-off, the challengers may want to put some thought into organization and their supporters may want to consider their votes. A wild card thrown into the mix is that like last time, the final vote will also be open to write-in candidates in case someone comes up a perfect candidate or someone would prefer to abstain. It must be obvious to which candidate a write-in vote is cast for it to count in final tally.

Again as always, we're doing this in good fun; robotic voting is prohibited and the PollDaddy controls of one vote per cookie and/or IP will apply.

This post will occasionally be bumped or pointers posted while polls are open.
(originally posted: 8:45 PM on 2/5/14)