Nitty-gritty after the jump, but if anyone would like to enter a write-in candidate for the banner election or give another push to a candidate they feel deserves a second look, they may want to start devising a strategy and/or campaigning to increase their name-recognition, now.

Sunday afternoon, we'll start the run-off for the banner selection. As has been the case with the primary election, once a person votes, it will be their vote with that device. Late or last minute entries would of course be welcome, but without some 4Chan-like shenanigans (which would be frowned upon and could result in a revote) , the later a candidate enters the field the less likely they will be victorious because so many other people would have already voted.

The nuts and bolts of how this will work is that if you'd like to field a write-in candidate (which could include a current one that doesn't make the run-off), you need to come up with something to call your entry that people will be able to type in the write-in slot. For fairness, your candidate's name should be at least five letters and variations of the words "fuck" and "loser" will not be accepted. (This way, people writing-in "fuck-off", "fuck this shit" or calling me names will not be inadvertently voting for a candidate.)

In the meantime, if you've got a candidate you'd like to push: Gawker would like for the image to be 600px wide and no taller than 180px, but apparently there's some wiggle room and unless there's something special about the behavior on some alternate device, it will really only display at 300px wide because that's the standard Kinja resizing. Also, the winning banner must be safe for work and it probably should include the word "Crosstalk", but that's not written in stone.

I also suggest that your campaign literature use at least one common tag. One or two of those yesterday used "banner" and that's fine by me. This would allow me to put a single tag link on the run-off election poll, where people might look for campaign literature and alternative candidates. (Though of course, if a 501(c)3 wants to run a whisper campaign with untagged posts, it might take years for there to be an investigation)


Most of all, have fun. That's what we're really hoping to do.