Written in Ink
Written in Ink

Because It's a goddanm sin. It's disgusting and is a perversion against nature.

Just think about it. No really think about it. When two men are getting ready to have sex, where does the penis go? I'll tell you were it goes. Right up the butthole anus. That's not natural. Men aren't supposed to put their penis in the butthole anus. This is a sin from the Bible. In the beginning it was Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.


As a matter of fact, I have this video saved on my phone of two men having sex to show others the dangers of butthole anus penetration. I've studied this video, and others like it, and come to the conclusion that these men don't enjoy having sex like normal, straight people. Why would someone put themselves through that kind of torture? It just ain't right. I mean it's like a one way alley meant for only a garbage truck to go down. Why would anyone go down that alley?

Don't even get me started on their agenda. What's the point of gay men having kids? Indoctrination! Why else would they want kids? It's not like they can give them the love and support that a mother/father combo could. Who's going to clean the house while the other goes to work? See, you can't answer that because, being men, they both have to go to work, while the child is left at home. It reminds me of slavery.

That's my viewpoint. I look forward to your votes in the 1968 state elections. What's that? You said it's 2014? Oh fuck....

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