Written in Ink
Written in Ink
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When I blogged about Robert and Catharine Pierce in 2010, I focused on the live and let live attitude from the people of Boulder about the couple's habit of gardening in nothing but thongs, which is legal under state and local law. Their landlord didn't like it and had proposed a change to the housing authority's rules and at their suggestion, the city council decided to consider a measure limiting nudist's rights.


Because I referenced this case in a comment to Gawker and hadn't followed-up to see how it resolved after posting about it three years ago, I punched her name in a search of the Daily Camera and found that they had been investigated by the Secret Service in Ohio this past March for threatening the President, but no charges will be filed.

Oh, and the housing authority stopped trying to evict them in 2010; the Boulder City Council decided against making topless gardening illegal and codified something lesser than state charges for exposed genitals, about which apparently their first arrest didn't get the memo because he decided to wear the thong on his head.

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