I finally visited RapGenius. Previously, the story was about Google and that didn't require visiting their site (and I have my own thing about Google which I've been known to go off on, away from the internet, from time to time), but now that they're on the backside of fifteen, there are stories about the actual site.

Because Sam and others called it "the best lyrics site", I put a couple of titles in their search box. As I said in one of my rare Valleywag comments under these beta systems, one was a song from the forties that was a big hit in the fifties, which RapGenius misattributed to another artist and the other, a pop-country hit from '73, they didn't list.

I also ran both through Google to make certain that there are multiple listings from the more established lyrics sites and found that they both have Youtubes and Wikipedia entries, so I thought that I'd drop the videos here.

First of all, Gene Autry with the oldest known recording of "Blueberry Hill", which everyone knows was a hit for Fats Domino, yet RapGenius attributes to Elvis Presley. Then, Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty with "Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man".