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It Appears That I May Have Been Mistaken and If Not, Still Incorrect

As a few of the posts and shares below show, @KillerMartinis' thing has been revisited by Gawker. Adam has recapped the situation. Perhaps to deflect from criticism based on the "Groupthink" name, one or two people have been quoting my claim that her post had been shared to Crosstalk, first. Unfortunately, I can't prove that.

My memory is that her post was shared by her, from her blog, late one night during the government shutdown. This would have been at least five days before the current timestamp on the post. I also recall that when I looked at it, there were no comments and I'm not seeing any comments to her post predating its published date and the 10/22 Groupthink share.

Now as a few of us know, you can change dates on posts with just a few clicks. You can switch the blog to which your post is published by using the dropdown, even if it has comments. You can unshare and you can also send a published post to drafts.


Don't get me wrong, I didn't list those scenarios as an accusation against KM, rather as a defense of myself. Perhaps my memory is of a first draft, which she posted late at night, then pulled back to work on it a week. Only @KillerMartinis, who is presumably preoccupied, knows if that's the case or if I'm simply confused and when I saw her post on Groupthink thinking that I had read it before, I was flat-out wrong.

I don't know and the only "evidence" that I've had is the presence of Crosstalk in the post's unshare menu, but now that I've gone back for the purposes of today, I see that's in reference to when @I,Borg shared it on 11/12 and I don't see it shared at a previous time.

Again, maybe my memory's faulty or maybe I remembering a draft that was pulled shortly after it was shared and republished at a later time. One thing is for certain, I didn't realize that my Crosstalk brag would be cited so many times in reply to a Gawker post.

I apologize.

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