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Beef and Tofu, Recipes Please!

So I'm a rather neurotic person when it comes to food (and other things). This is best exemplified by the fact that I didn't eat beef until I was 21 and I was piss drunk on vacation so I had a hamburger and loved it.

But in the interest of keeping my family fed, I've recently branched out and started to cook beef and tofu in addition to things like chicken and pasta and veggies. So far I've made two great marinated steaks and a delicious Hibachi-flavored stir-fry. I did a fried tofu in a store-bought ginger/orange sauce that came out tasty, as well.

Mostly I've been using a mix of soy/hoisin/vinegar/Worcestershire as a base with various store-bought spices with those four being rationed based on intent (such as no hoisin sauce when doing a more "American" style flavor and vice-versa).


So I'm wondering if any other CrossTalkers have any good recipes they might want to share for either beef or tofu? In particular, I'd be curious if anyone could recommend a brown sauce like General Gau's or (better) Orange Chicken?

Alas, we took photos of foods but they seem to be on LittlePartner's phone and not mine. I tried to find the best representation I could in the meantime.


Any suggestions are appreciated! I'm not exactly the world's most experienced cook, so nothing is too simple! Thanks!

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