I actually had no idea I had them because I am a doofus. Yes. You're letting a doofus post here. I hope this is okay.

So, thank you for new posting privileges. Sorry for being a doofus.

Now that we are covered there, I have a question.

Is it just me, or does the new commenting system (which I have turned off, by the way by /?tiger=off) sort of do this thing that silences commenting among ourselves?

I feel like I'm being downsized/diminished. I mean, that sounds dramatic. It's not that dramatic. I just won't come here anymore, and I'll go elsewhere. (It will make me sad, though, and a bit angry, as I like the people around these parts.)

I love new things. I do. I'm usually an early adopter/adapter. But, if it looks problematic, I'm an early adopter/adapter in walking away. It's nice writers are being emphasized. It's not okay that those commenting on them are mainly going to fall into a sea of nothing.

Thoughts? Am I full of poo for thinking this?

Anyway, it leads me to thoughts about the way that business is run today and the models it uses and how those models are regressive and short-sighted. I might write a bit on that later.


Again, thanks for giving me posting privileges. Much appreciated!