Having to buy roe instead of caviar.

Driving a three year old BMW.

Buying meth instead of cocaine on a Friday night.

Choosing the non free range chicken at the supermarket.

Wearing glasses instead of getting laser eye surgery.

Not being able to join in with your friends when they want to set $100 bills on fire.

Having it be your problem instead of your bank's problem if you can't pay your debts.

Washing socks instead of wearing a brand new pair every day.

Not being able to afford The Mighty Eagle on Angry Birds.

Actually having to go to prison when you've snuffed the hooker.

Not having someone to change your child's diapers for you.

Hoping that wheel of brie lasts you at least three days.

Not being able to send your teenage daughter on a "ski vacation" to Switzerland when she turns up pregnant by the gardener.