Written in Ink
Written in Ink

You know Jezebel readers seem all weirded out that dinosaur erotic fiction exists.


But, really, I find Thomas The Tank Engine erotic fiction to be much stranger.

Thomas stopped, looking at Rosie with love and concern in his eyes. "What's wrong, Rosie? Don't you want me to do this?"

"More than anything, my Thomas... it's just... I want you. I want to taste you first, Thomas - let me please you first."

Thomas was as red as James, realizing what his love meant to do. "Oh, Rosie... I really... I wanted to do this... for... you..."

Rosie was now inches from him, her eyes hungry and her face full of intent. Thomas licked his lips nervously; Rosie was driving him wild inside. All his arguments against this had melted away as he gazed at his love.

"Do you want to help me, Thomas?" Rosie breathed; Thomas now trembled as his love looked him directly in the eyes.

"... y-yes..."

Illustration for article titled Beyond Dinosaur Erotica

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