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Written in Ink

Concerns about San Francisco’s decaying light poles were ignited Monday night after one corroded by urine toppled onto a car, narrowly missing the driver.

The three-story-tall lamp post at Pine and Taylor streets snapped around 6:30 Monday and landed on a nearby car, almost crushing the driver. No one was injured.

A perfect storm of conditions rusted out the base of the pole, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission officials say, and caused it to fall. At the time, the lamp post, which was already old, was damaged by urine and weighed down by an oversized banner.

“We believe there was some contribution of dog or human urine on the base of the pole,” PUC spokesman Tyrone Jue said. “It has actually been an issue for us in the past. We encourage people and dogs alike to do their business in other places, like a proper restroom or one of our fire hydrants, which are stronger and made out of cast iron.”



Evidence from the prosecution of Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow potentially implicates a wide array of city and state leaders, including Mayor Ed Lee, in alleged bribery schemes, pay to play plots, campaign fund laundering and state construction contract rigging.

According to a Tuesday filing in federal court, which includes never before released details and names from a years-long FBI investigation, Mayor Lee, some of The City’s leadership, an Alameda County prosecutor and a state official were all named in alleged wrongdoing caught on tape or witnessed by undercover FBI agents or their sources.

Although the allegations are outlined in the documents, those named have not been charged in relation to the investigation, and several have denied the allegations.

Lee, who appeared at Boeddeker Park in the Tenderloin on Tuesday for the National Night Out safety campaign, said he hadn’t read the documents in detail, and the parts he read were repetitious. “He’s trying to get off the trial, Mr. Raymond Chow, he’s doing anything he can. I have take it with a grain of salt,” Lee said.

He continued, “I ran a clean campaign… just last week the Ethics Commission closed out our campaign… if we did anything improperly it would’ve shown up.”


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