Seeing some of the Billy Joel/Fallon hate on the main page brings me back to my many happy memories of Joel. I remember the moment I first heard his music and so many other great Joel-infused memories, my boyfriend and his friends serenading me with "Uptown Girl" which all dovetailed into remembering the story of Miranda Grosvener, a fascinating and very likely totally unremarkable woman who literally had some of Hollywood's biggest names by the ear.

Vanity Fair did a great piece in 1999, so forgive me if you have heard this before.

As a regular gal who can sometimes be strangely interesting via phone or online, Miranda's tale intrigues me, she would call up famous people, or people with connections and just talk, chat them up about all manner of things, there were many people who literally scheduled their lives around her phone calls, people like Quincey Jones and Richard Perry fell in love with her, sight unseen, though Perry was reportedly crushed when he did meet her, feeling conned, though no one alleges Miranda ever scammed them out of money. She did receive some gifts of jewelry and the like, but nothing outrageous.

With her mellifluous, accentless voice—Henry thought she was British, others heard a hint of Manhattan's Upper East Side—Miranda Grosvenor was a silky phantom who told men she was beautiful and blonde, lived in the South, did some modeling, and looked after her fabulously wealthy father in New York City. Many men believed her; at least a few actually fell in love with her.

Billy Joel would call her answering machine and sing to it. I want Joel to call me and sing to me, can that happen please?? She talked to Sting and Bono too, though there is no word about private answering-machine serenading from them.

This photo is the only one I can find that is supposed to actually be her: