So I didn't hear from my bio mom after last week's conversation until tonight.

Got this email from her:

Bartholomew, I have thought and cried about our conversation all week. Thank you for giving us a chance. There is everything I want to understand about you and am unsure where to start - might as well jump in with all 4 feet. Your Dad told me that you are in a good relationship - that counts for a lot. Are you in good health? I hope so. Clearly, you are passionate about music - that's a great gift. Do you play any instrument? What do you do? Do you love where you live? Did you ever see Lou Reed perform? He did a talk and music show : " The New York Shuffle " at midnight on XM radio, channel 30, The Loft. I wonder if you ever heard of them or if they are in any way retrievable? I am going to stop now . The truth is I am so scared of losing you. Love, Mom

So I responded:

I am mostly in good health. I fucked up two nerves in my back in the spring that made me feel like I was having daily heart attacks. Was very happy to find out it was just a back problem. An osteopath is working on my back and tells me that while the problem will never go away permanently it will probably become a once a month annoyance. My feeling is that if you get to 44 and minor back problems are your only health issues you've done well. And at this point it doesn't bother me that much (except when I'm an idiot and spend too much time hunched over a video game daring my back to tell me to fuck off.) I am in a good relationship. This march will mark 10 years since (Rome Girl) and I started dating. She is a brilliant travel writer so it's not a traditional relationship. She lives here with me about six months a year and is traveling the rest of the time. That works out well for both of us because neither of us are good at living with anyone full time - life gives us a break just before we get on each other's nerves. I do love where I live and I love the lifestyle I have. I wake up, write the advertisements and press releases my clients need and then spend the late afternoon in cafes talking to to my friends about books, movies and politics. Then spend the rest of my time reading books and watching movies and just immersing myself in popular culture. I am passionate about music but have never had any talent at playing any instrument. I was a rock critic for about 10 years and was respected in my capacity. But that was in the day when print media still had a budget to pay people to write about music. Now I just go to as many cool concerts as I can and try to get my friends who own bars to play shit that is good = and I'm usually successful because people do respect my musical taste. Bart


Just put this up here because some people had commented they wanted to see how it played out.