According to this article in Fast Company, (YES I KNOW) certain personality types tend center around certain regions.

Friendly and Conventional? You tend to live in the Midwest. Relaxed and Creative—West Coast. Temperamental and Uninhibited? Northeast and a little of Texas (Austin and Houston I bet!). Since I am a Northeasterner, I took particular interest in this description:

The psychological profile of the region is defined by low Extraversion, very low Agreeableness and Conscientiousness, very high Neuroticism, and moderately high Openness. This particular configuration of traits depicts the type of person who is reserved, aloof, impulsive, irritable, and inquisitive.

Well, some of it, though as a native Mainer, my Conscientiousness is at 10/10. But the rest aren't always wrong, especially when I'm downtown Boston/Philly or I go to other parts of the country and they don't get my urban bitchface (much adjust for relaxed locals).

The question is whether people tend to be shaped by their environment or they move and live around likeminded people or both? Or is it all bullshit? I think there are definite tendencies and norms in different parts of the country, though it is certainly not hard and fast.