Written in Ink
Written in Ink

First, I'd like to say how ecstatic I am that this stupid show is finally leaving the air. It overstayed its welcome by about 5 years. At the very least, Steve Carell's final year should have been the show's final year.

I wanted to love the show; I tried to love the show. I did love the show in the first 3 seasons though it would frequently get on my nerves (I thought Michael's stupidity was just tooooo stupid sometimes. It was not endearing; it was maddening). But then, I couldn't stand the constancy of Jim and Pam every. damn. week. Then they treated Karen Filipelli terribly (I so wanted her to break up Jim and that damn mamby-pamby, wishy-washy, go-nowhere, do nothing Pam). Then they finally sent Pam to art school, then let her quit! Now that Jim finally has a chance to do something he loves, Pam is standing in his way, too (I'm sure that will change in the finale, but I'm tired of her stupid shit). Then, they broke up Dwight and Angela for years and let her marry someone else. Then, they turned Andy Bernard from a likable jerk to just a jerk. It's like they went out of their way to make me hate the show and everyone on it.


I'm so glad they are finally putting us out of our misery.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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