Written in Ink
Written in Ink

First of all let me just start this out by saying that what I've learned about BitCoin I've learned from Gawker which might as well be one massive eye roll and a "Yeah you go ahead and do that" but I have a questions!

So here we have an article about a giant Bitcoin mining operation. Awesome! Great! But to me there's a contradiction: it's an uncontrolled currency, yet it will stop at 21 million. So then who controls the code so that it stops? Doesn't that make it a controlled currency? If it was uncontrolled then couldn't everybody just keep mining coins and/or make their own Bitcoin puzzles, create false confirmations and ignore the cap?

My questions are probably dumb but I must know and I can't seem to find an answer for this.


Also, I love it whenever this topic come up and every commentor thinks they sound 'edgy' by saying "Yeah well money is only money because people agree it's money. Paper is worthless." Oh yeah? Then give it to me.

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