Look at this wonderful specimen. How can you not gaze at the marvel that is black woman? Or as the scientists call them, blackuis stareus. Let's marvel at this one in particular, shall we? We have named her "Kerry" Today, we will be focusing on her hair.

Just look at the shine. How do they get it like that, you ask? Well, it's a difficult process using a mix of wild berries found in the deep jungles of the Amazon, mixed with large amounts chemicals unknown to us as of right now. Scientists have said these chemicals give their hair a "permanent" straighting. Whatever they use, it gets the job done.

Not all black women (teehee) use those products though. Some of the species let their hair stay chemical free. Sometimes it's called "natural". In this state, the black woman's hair is more rough than usual. More likely than not, it will have a curly-like pattern. This is becoming more seen among the group as the black woman forgoes the "permanent" straightness of their hair.

Also, it's worth pointing out, you should never walk up and touch the black woman's hair, no matter what state it's in. I know you can get tempted, as it's a beautiful thing. For everyone's safety, do NOT pet on the black woman. 1, they can get highly aggressive. "Angry Black Woman" is the phrase that's used. And 2, it's just some fucking hair. It's nothing special. Buy a wig or some shit if it's that fascinating to you.