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Hey Crosstalkers, I've been thinking about starting a new Kinja account (not necessarily a sub-blog) for the purpose of writing and sharing some additional content for everyone. It'd be cool if it were collaborative—multiple authors and such deciding the direction. I have some ideas and I wanted get your two cents on what might pique your interests. Feel free to add ideas of your own and please let me know if there are places already in the Kinjaverse that are doing these things:

Meta Gawker: a place to go to talk about Gawker related news: Controversies. Author bios. Nick Denton. Nostalgia. Culture references (e.g. the Girls shout out). Essentially we could put a microscope on Gawker—its strengths, its weaknesses—hopefully with contributions from people that spend more time on blogs I don't frequent like Deadspin and Jalopnik.


Satire: I think we have a ton of really funny people here, and we're all (pop?) culture junkies. It'd be cool to have some Onion-esque stories to share using our unsurpassed intellects and skewering abilities.

West Coast: This is entirely biased since I'm based in Seattle, but it'd be cool to see more stories featuring crazies on the West Coast (or really anything west of the Mississippi). Silicon Valley techies are obviously already taken, but there are plenty of weirdos out West. Don't forget that Arizona is essentially an untapped Florida waiting to be suckled.

Let me know what you think!

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