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Written in Ink
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Today in the comments there has been some talk about the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives who live in Red States. Some of our brethren from the South expressed frustration and sadness about the reaction they get from those of us living in Blue States. I have certainly been guilty of that from time to time, generally for humor but I don't think that really mitigates how that feels for Blue Southerners. It made me realize that there are millions of Liberal people throughout the South and I'm not sure that regular old Commie Pinko Leftists on the coasts (like myself) think about them too much. I think we often dismiss the whole South as a bunch of Tea Party nutters without really thinking about all of those regular, decent people who won't abandon their home because they believe in fighting for what is right. We owe it to our fellow citizens to stand with them and honor the partnerships we forged during Desegregation.


Wendy Davis is running for governor of Texas and we all know what an amazing find she is for the Democratic Party. What if she has a shot at being elected? What if Texas could be Blue? It was pointed out that if Texas went Democrat, national elections would never be the same. What if we go on the offense this time?

Talking it over in the comments with MissEdithSpeaksOutOfTurn and kimbersays, there are two concrete suggestions for what we can do to help. You know the drill!

1) Sign-up for the email list for both of the sites below

2) Donate if you can



I don't really know how to go about trying to organize something like this, but I would love to find as many ways as possible to support the folks on the front lines. I live in San Francisco and don't really have much of an opportunity to fight the good fight face to face. I don't think I've laid eyes on a Republican for months. But I so want to find ways to help, so if you have any ideas, let's hear them in the comments.


I'm tired of feeling heartsick, I want to feel proud of my country again.

I want to see Texas turn Blue.

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