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Blogger Targets Girl Scouts Spokesperson

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A couple of days ago, Austin Ruse, a blogger for Breitbart.com who seems to specialize in stories involving homosexuality, published what can only be called a hit piece against a Girl Scouts spokesperson.


Between outlining Josh Ackley's (pictured) role within the Girl Scouts organization, such as he blogs for their website, deals with the press from their New York headquarters and met with people who have been concerned about Girl Scout policy, Ruse sandwiched the following information.

So, who is Josh Ackley? The press, moms, and the girls may know Josh Ackley in his day job but probably don't know what he does off-hours. He is the lead singer of a band called The Dead Betties.

The Dead Betties were part of a movement called "homo-punk," sometimes "homocore," that Wikipedia describes as "an offshoot of punk… distinguished by its discontent with society in general, and specifically society's disapproval of the gay, bi-sexual, lesbian and transgender communities." The Dead Betties are profiled in the book "Homocore: The Loud and Raucous Rise of Queer Rock".


Today, Ruse updated Breitbart readers by telling them that he tried contacting Girl Scouts on Monday, but they didn't reply, then again linked to a couple of Dead Betties videos including the one for "George's Mr.s Right", which is from their second album.

According to the Breitbart post, Ackley has been with the Girl Scouts since 2008 and his band disbanded "years ago". Reportedly they have reunited and have been in the recording studio recently, but that's according to Ruse. The band's Wikipedia page doesn't mention any recent performances and their linked website appears to be a Japanese page about strawberry picking. A WHOIS implies the registration lapsed and it was registered by someone else this year.


Either way, reunited or not, it doesn't have much to do with Girl Scouts.

(Photo: Ackley, via his Blogger profile)

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