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Written in Ink
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Bring us your poor....

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So, I see the greater gods at Gawker have given you a link to Crosstalk on the main page. Welcome newcomers!
Question #1: What the fuck is this place?


Good question. Make it up as you go along. You know those "open posts, lets talk about anything for the next hour" things they throw at you on Fridays? Well it's like that all day in here. So check again if the boss is looking and go find some funny shit to share.

Because I'm bored.

Question #2: There is no question #2.

We're easy like that.

Turns out there is another good question (waaa waaaaaaaaaaaa)
If you want to post an article (Ha! This is an article), ask Magister here. He's nice. He even let me do this stuff. And I'm a nobody as nobodies go.


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