From The Guardian: Home Secretary Teresa May has summoned Yahoo's executives to a meeting to convince them not to move their European HQ to Dublin, where they would be out of reach for GCHQ and other arms of British intelligence to request/demand access to user accounts, data, and communications. Yahoo says the move is logical because Dublin is a major technology hub. Interestingly, May also wants the authority to strip British citizenship from anyone not born in the UK, with no rights to appeal. I can't imagine why Yahoo would want to move out of a country with England's recent track record on security, privacy, and press freedom. As the article notes, even during WWII, only 4 people in England were stripped of their citizenship. She wants the authority to strip up to 4 million without due process.

Theresa May summoned the internet giant Yahoo for an urgent meeting on Thursday to raise security concerns after the company announced plans to move to Dublin where it is beyond the reach of Britain'ssurveillance laws.

By making the Irish capital rather than London the centre of its European, Middle East and Africa operations, Yahoo cannot be forced to hand over information demanded by Scotland Yard and the intelligence agencies through "warrants" issued under Britain's controversial anti-terror laws.

Yahoo has had longstanding concerns about securing the privacy of its hundreds of millions of users – anxieties that have been heightened in recent months by revelations from the whistleblower Edward Snowden.

In February, the Guardian revealed that Britain's eavesdropping centre GCHQ intercepted and stored the images of millions of people using Yahoo webcams, regardless of whether they were suspects. The data included a large quantity of sexually explicit pictures.

The company said this represented "a whole new level of violation of our users' privacy".