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Bud's Buds - Normalizing Colorado

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I've commented a couple of times in an active Gawker thread about legalization. Because I may be called upon again and since I've wanted to post about this anyway. Two birds, one stone: Tim Allen.


Friday nights on ABC, Tim Allen stars in a situation comedy with Nancy Travis, Hector Elizondo and several younger people who play his daughters and their significant others. It is called Last Man Standing and I'm sure the television snobs would love to tell me what's wrong with the show, as if I don't know, but it's a fine enough thing to stream on a second screen; it has reliable performers and it's kind of interesting to see what he's done.

The first season the show was an okay family sitcom like you would expect on ABC, but for the second season he recast the oldest daughter and though it's not All in the Family by any means, Allen has been hitting the political themes with himself as an always-right conservative, who routinely butts heads with his oldest and her "Meathead".


The show is set in Denver and in the Thanksgiving episode, the actor playing Allen's character's father, who has recurred a few times, announced that he had obtained a pot store license and Allen's character suggested the name, "Bud's Buds", plus agreed to advise him.

Because things have gone so smoothly in Colorado and the national political landscape has changed, I'm sure the father's pot store will at least be mentioned and I wouldn't be surprised if they build another set, so that "Meathead" could work for his baby-mama's grandfather. Of course no one on the show will consume any cannabis, though there may be allusions to the possibility of "Meathead" — after all, he's Canadian — and I'm not saying the store will become a weekly part of the show, but any way you cut it... coming soon on ABC... Tim Allen will have a pot store. It will be the source of jokes and we may never see it, but it's happening.

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