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Written in Ink
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Buzzfeed hearts Gawker

I’m going to write this all in Header three because I can. Buzzfeed posted an article on the Stories to Remember Gawker By.

Caity has three stories out of the 20. I think John Cook is the only other one with more than one and he has two, so obviously he is a failure like the others.

They included the stupid Dog columns which was only eclipsed in stupidity by the 500 days of Kristin Calamari which thankfully they did not include.

Finally, they did a good thing and actually included two of my favorites: the Juggalo Chronicles and the piece by Kiese Laymon -How to slowly kill yourself and others in America.

So, in conclusion, Buzzfeed totally wants to marry Gawker, but Gawker is now dead.

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