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Regarding that comment that I shared earlier, which prompted Magister to write a post: I found it because Jesus Diaz tweeted the below Nieman Lab article.


I shared that particular quote from Cook primarily because I thought people might be interested in the feature he was requesting. But I read through the whole comment thread and personally I really felt it was missing the whole point of the original article Adam was highlighting—reported here first by iElvis, I might add.

Adam's focus was how the article held one viewpoint and then, after post publication criticism, it was rather lamely edited to soothe offended parties. I thought that was very interesting. Because although all Denton seemed to take from it was that it's rather tacky of Buzzfeed to buy promotional space on Facebook, ultimately the point of the original article was actually not that they did that, but that Facebook privileges their articles at the expense of other articles people re-post or "like." Adam then took it even further by pointing out that Business Insider was for some reason pressured to back-pedal after making this somewhat pointed criticism of Facebook.

Now, to take it back to Magister's post about the commenting system, I was a bit tempted to jump into that thread to ask about the point I made in the previous paragraph, but I didn't feel like my comment had any chance of being seen or read by anyone under the new system, so I just let it drop.


Plus, I still want to know what he meant by what "happened to The Slate and The Atlantic."

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