Think I figured it out. Link for CAH here:…

Ok, so I tried to follow the setup to begin a game of Cards Against Humanity (CAH). See here.

via reprisal, " For future reference:

To start a CAH game, go to and enter your username. Hit OK. In the top left corner, click "start a game." Select ONE main deck plus whatever expansions you want to add on. Don't forget to add blank cards, if you want them! (max 30.) Type a password into the password field. Then share the game link (from address bar—it'll have a "game=##" at the end) and password on kinja.

To join a game, click the link. Enter your username and hit OK. Then enter the game password. If you enter the password incorrectly or the link is to the main board instead of the specific game, scroll through the games or ctrl+F while looking for crosstalk usernames. Click "join game" or "spectate" to enter the game. (Spectators can observe and chat but do not get to play. Spetators are not kicked when idle.) Enter the password to confirm."


I apparently am tech deficient.

Le sigh.