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California woman found 10 years after being reported missing

The victim was reported missing to the Santa Ana Police Department by her mother, when aged 15. She is now 25.

Isidro Garcia, 41, has been arrested on multiple charges including kidnapping for rape and false imprisonment.

The unnamed woman came forward after years of alleged abuse after finding her sister on Facebook.


Source: BBC

Isidro Garcia was taken into custody on Tuesday on suspicion of kidnapping for rape, lewd acts with a minor and false imprisonment, the Santa Ana Police Department announced Wednesday.


She said that Garcia began sexually assaulting her in June 2004 while they both lived at the family's home in the 800 block of South Fairview Street in Santa Ana (map). Then, in August, Garcia assaulted the mother, drugged the victim and drove her to a house in Compton, the victim told police.

He allegedly gave her fake identification papers and locker her in a garage overnight.

"Over the course of the following months and years, Garcia repeatedly told the victim her family had given up looking for her, and if she tried to go back to them, the family would be deported," the news release stated.


Source: KTLA


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