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Can We Discuss How Awesome Laura Jane Grace Is? Please?

So when I google Laura Jane, this is what comes up. Not a hint of negativity and all about either her work or her transition in positive ways.

This is brilliant, and rather surprising for 30-year-old me.

I'm just in awe of how... personal this has all been for Laura. It's something that most of us long-time fans have reacted with a "well, duh" to.


And overall, Laura has been showered with appearances and performances and the like as a result. This is fantastic. I remember my friends in 2001 telling me about this band I need to listen to (anarchist, punk rock friends); because they bring washtub bass and acoustic everything and sooo catchy.

So now, ten years+ later I'm still hooked. Laura Jane and the rest of Against Me! are wonderful. Because baby, I'm an Anarchist and you're a spineless liberal.

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