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Written in Ink

I thought it was braveheart... but I thought wrong.

I posted this to reddit hoping to get an answer: http://redd.it/1xtx4g Here is the post if you dont wish to click through:

I just watched Braveheart for the first time since, probably, the year it was released/I was 8 years old... anyhow, I was expecting a scene I could have swore was in the movie, but did not see it - so I must be mistaken.

The scene: 2 men, who I believe are allies/friends, are sentenced to fight to the death in a pit (I think it was a pit)... perhaps sword fight, perhaps with sharpened wood spears. Neither man wants to fight, but it is either kill or be killed, so one of them throws himself on the other's spear/sword.

I could have swore it was braveheart, and that one of the men was wallace... but I just watched braveheart and did not see this scene.

I'm pretty sure it was released around the same time as braveheart, or perhaps within 3 years given my fuzzy memory on this.

Thanks for the help!

UPDATE: /u/eatonsht answered correctly, the movie I was thinking was gladiator.

UPDATE 2: Actually, I just watched Gladiator... the scene wasnt there. Damn..

UPDATE 3: I'm not sure, but I feel like I remember, not necessarily in the same scene, someone takes an arrow to the eye. I feel like the setting is foresty with lots of green, which is why I originally thought braveheart.

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