Written in Ink
Written in Ink

Today, while walking my normal two block route towards my apartment from the bus stop, I was stopped in my tracks by a breathtaking siren song. A siren song emitting from what appeared to be an early model, candy painted, blue Olds, sitting on an expensive set of 18's, with a young looking, mid-late 20-something female in the driver's seat, parked in a driveway approximately 15 feet ahead of me. The trunk had two sets of subs, making the baseline even more powerful. I could feel power of the bass sound waves resonate in waves through my body with a tingle.

I couldn't help it...I was stuck. I was helpless to my newly formed statue-like physique. It felt as if my feet were glued to the asphalt. And then, it started. It started as an odd tunnel vision. And then a strange sensation in the back of my neck that caused my head to involuntarily nod back, and forth to the beat. The sensation then spread down throughout the rest of my body. From my head, to my shoulders, to my arms, down to my feet. And before I knew it, even my booty had gotten swept up in the groove.

I locked eyes with the driver of the "siren car". She was already in her own zone, blunted to the dome, (translation-high out of her mind on weed, and I could tell because I saw/smelled the blunt), and believe me, it was a fattie. She was reclined in the driver seat with her left foot, also swinging to the beat, hanging out of the drivers's side window. And as we locked eyes, sharing that moment in time, she gave me a head nod, as if to say "do your thang shygurl". And before I knew it, the song was over, and there I stood, vulnerable, exposed, and a bit embarrassed that I randomly started doing the "booty pop" in public. After a quick scan of my surroundings to see if anyone had actually saw what just transpired, I realized I was alone, except for the young lady in the car. So I popped my earbuds back in, put on a Jay Mohr podcast, and continued my solitary walk home.


And what was the name of the song you ask? The name of the song that evoked such emotion, causing me to become swept up in the joy, and ecstasy of the sound. It was titled "Scarred" by Luther Campbell aka Uncle Luke.


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