In the comments section of the Jezebel story on Skylar White yesterday it eventually descended into "Why to people love Jaime but act like Cat Stark is a bitch?

Well, let's run some numbers here:

Jaimie Lannister:

Cons: Pushed annoying 6 year old boy out a window.

Pros: Saved the lives of 500,000 people in Kings Landing. Saved Birenne. Did not take over the entire Kingdom after he killed the Mad King - even though he could have. Will eventually, at great risk to himself, save the life of another major character. Keeps all his promises. Doesn't let a handicap get him down.

Cat Stark:

Cons: Emotionally abuses Jon Snow for 14 years because he is her step son, while at the same time treats Theon like her own son. Sends Jon Snow to the The Wall - denying a 14 year old boy of a sex life forever - as soon as Ned leaves so she doesn't have to deal with having a step son anymore. Kidnaps Tyrion on little to no evidence and instead of bringing him to Kings Landing for justice, brings him to the home of her insane sister - thus starting a war that will kill 100s of thousands of innocent people. Makes a promise to Walder Frey that is the first step in getting much of her family and their supporters killed. Let's Jaime go, because she thinks her two daughters are worth more than the hundreds of thousands of more people who might get killed because of that action. Spent teen years leading on Littlefinger. Is willing to give Sansa to Joffery as a wife in order to improve the status of her family.

Pros: Loves her family.