Has anyone have/had a cat with this issue?:


A good friend asked me if I would like to assume care of his cat , Leo, because although his two dogs used to get along with the cat, one dog has become increasingly aggressive toward Leo, including biting.

As a result of the PU, poor little Leo had to have some of his penis removed 4 years ago. I know, right. He needs special food, but is otherwise in good health, neutered, playful, cuddly, and chip protected.

I currently have a 12-year-old cat and a thre-year-old pug mix. So far, all has been well between the two. They have play time late at night—you know, with the paw poking and chasing. I do keep a portion of the house gated so that the older kitty can have privacy when he demands (because he's the boss). They are both in excellent health.

Right now, I intend to take Leo in. My daughter is thrilled.

Any input? Maybe this can be cross-posted to GT?