Written in Ink
Written in Ink
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Cell Phones Ruin Everything

I'm watching C-span2. Dick Durbin is telling a touching story about a disabled vet from South Carolina. While he's reading the veteran's email his phone has gone off twice now. He hasn't disabled the ring. Put that shit on vibrate, Dick! It could have been a much better moment if you just paid attention before you got into chambers.

I know, I might as well just go back to the 90's to the Chuckle Hut and say "What's the deal with cell phones? Have you heard about this, have you seen this?" But seriously: you're in the Senate and you're reading the letter of a disabled vet to stop this ridiculous stalemate and you don't think to turn your phone to vibrate?


Random thought: I really enjoy that C-Span has dead air segments where they just show the press standing around with no music or commentary. Its relaxing in an odd way

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