I really don't like censorship, it really chaps my hide and then I need special lotion and that shit is pricey!

So today I learned a bit more about the censorship done in Turkey

the country's three main television networks (including CNN Turkey) have almost completely ignored the demonstrations, mentioning them only in passing on the evening news, and going on with their regular programming without interruption. That's because government censors are allowed to restrict news media when "public health and morals, national security, public order, public safety, and the unity of the land are at stake." The Atlantic Wire

Amazingly the one place that seemed to get around this censorship blanket (note that it's not a cozy blanket, it's an awful itchy blanket probably made of wool, smallpox and Trump's hair) was a game show.

Protesters have also adopted penguins as a nod to CNN Turkey's choosing to air a penguin documentary instead of covering the protests.