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Written in Ink

Change in Clicks

Unless I'm losing my mind or my memory is faulty, it used to be that if you clicked the little "discuss" cloud on a blog's mainpage, a posting form would appear, then that was changed to where a click on the cloud icon would load the post queued to the comments. I'm pretty sure that I saw an explanation from Greg or someone that they found comments were usually better, if people first read the posts, but I'm not quickly finding that statement at this time.

Suddenly sometime on Monday (I believe), a click on a mainpage "discuss" cloud has reverted to bringing-up a comment form and it's affected the way I re-read posts. I've just gotten in the habit of clicking that icon to jump to the comments, which in most cases are the only things that change. I also think it's wise to force people to at least open a post, before they can reply.


Though of course, I may be crazy and nothing has changed.

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