I don't know when it happened, possibly within the past few hours, but the promised control changes to our Kinjas have arrived. We now have two additional options. We can hide our comments and/or display our recommendations.

To manipulate the controls, you must first navigate to your personal Kinja or your private view, then click the blue avatar placeholder in the upper left corner and choose the "manage" option. This will give you two new choices on the first screen. You can uncheck "include my replies" which will cause your Kinja to display only posts (like mine) and/or you can click to display comments that you've recommended in line with your own comments and/or posts.

Probably the best thing to do is play with it to see what you want.

Edit: It has become apparent from the comments that my account got the added options in the initial stages of the rollout, while it is not showing on some accounts. I don't know why that happened or their timetable. If I get a response to my email query or in the comments, I'll update the post and note it in the post title for easy reference.

Update: I just heard from Ernie. They are rolling the feature out incrementally and mine just happened to be among the first. He didn't say whether it will take hours or days, but the options should become available to everyone.