The Daily Caller has a list of complaints CIA employees have made about their cafeteria food. In my opinion, this one is the highlight:

I've sent comments about the jazz salads being misadvertised before, but yesterday takes the cake. The Jazz Salad was supposed to be a Sonoma Grape and Proscuitto salad [...] This is one of my favorites, so I stand in line and notice there are no grapes. Grapes are in the title of the salad. I asked about them, and the server pointed to the cherry tomatos, said they were red grapes. I said, "no, those are tomatos, should I just get grapes from the salad bar". She didn't really give an opinion — but I did get grapes from the salad bar, and I did tell the cashier about it. [...] I do not condone putting salad bar items into a Jazz salad (I have been known to get a separate container for salad bar items to add to my jazz salad) but felt justified in this case. However, when an item is in the title of the Jazz Salad, please make an effort to include this item in the actual salad. Thank you.

Do not mess with a man's grapes. (Pun fully intended.) Bonus points for anyone who knows what the hell a Jazz Salad is?

There is also a "long and deeply impassioned rant" about individual condiment packets being replaced by a pumping station. The full documents are available at MuckRock.